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Shipping Containers Shipping Containers

Shipping Containers

SCF Shipping Containers

Shipping containers were originally designed to transport goods across the open ocean on ships. They are lightweight, strong, weatherproof and stackable. They quickly became very popular for furniture removalists, who could transport furniture safely between two locations on the back of a truck. And now they are commonly used for onsite storage, in commercial, industrial and residential settings. 

Shipping containers were first designed in the 1950s. They were purpose-made to carry goods across open water - which meant they were light but solid, fully weatherproof, and easy to stack. These handy features soon grabbed the world’s attention. Today, shipping containers are used across a long and ever-growing list of industries. From furniture removal and storage, to construction and farming. Hospitality, events, manufacturing, and more.

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SCF's footprint is nation wide, with depots in Auckland, Christchurch, and Dunedin. Our containers were made to be moved. So wherever you're based, we can get you the shipping container you've been looking for.