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In June 2023, SCF acquired CSL Containers. 

Building on an existing specialised container business in Australia, SCF launched into New Zealand with the acquisition of CSL Containers, an established brand with a decorated 30 year history. The privately owned and operated company is a recognised leader in the New Zealand container industry. The company’s strong client base and supplier relationships have contributed greatly to its success over the years and positioned the brand as a leading provider of new and used shipping containers in the New Zealand market.

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What Does It Mean?

SCF will acquire CSL's existing team, fleet and depots. At the same time further commitments to grow the fleet and upgrade facilities to better service customers is in the works.

SCF's more specialised Portable Building, Dangerous Goods and less common storage sizes (mini containers) have already started arriving in depots across New Zealand. 

These containers are designed in-house by a highly experienced team, and built by leading global container factories.

See Our New Products

Take a look at some of the new container types that have started arriving in our depots across New Zealand.

SCF Container Solutions - 20ft Cool Room Container

20ft Cool Room Container

SCF’s 20ft Cool Room shipping container delivers superior temperature control for short and long-term storage. Intelligent insulation design provides optimum refrigeration properties to reduce machinery run time, electricity use and costs.
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SCF Container Solutions - 20ft Site Office

20ft Site Office

Every well-run project needs a dedicated space to keep things humming. Our 20ft Site Offices are the perfect solution. Well-insulated, temperature-controlled, and rigged up with lighting and power, they have all the makings of a modern office space. Work with us to customise your container into the site office of your team’s dreams.
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SCF Container Solutions - 20ft Side Opening Shipping Container

20ft Side Opening Shipping Container

Our standard 20ft Shipping Container is already highly flexible. But the Side Opening variant brings the versatility to a whole other level.
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SCF Container Solutions - 10ft Dangerous Goods Container

10ft Dangerous Goods Container

Dangerous goods storage is an all-important part of any workplace’s health and safety plan. Make sure you get it right, with SCF’s 10ft Dangerous Goods Container.
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SCF Container Solutions - 10ft Shipping Container

10ft Shipping Container

Our 10ft Shipping Container is also known as a ‘mini shipping container’, and we’ll give you one guess why. At half the size of our most popular 20ft unit, this container is the one to pick when space is tight. Use it to store spare parts, loose stock, household furniture, and more.
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SCF Container Solutions - 20ft Dangerous Goods Single Side Door

20ft Dangerous Goods Single Side Door

SCF’s 20ft Dangerous Goods Single Side Door Container has all the same purpose-designed features as the rest of our dangerous goods range. It’s solid, secure, well-ventilated, and equipped with an emergency escape. Even better, it fully opens up on one side.
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SCF Container Solutions - 20ft Lunch Room

20ft Lunch Room

Give your team a space to refuel, recharge, and reheat their leftovers, with SCF’s 20ft Lunchroom. This clever container solution is fitted out with all the kitchen basics your team needs to enjoy a well-earned break.
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SCF Container Solutions - Chemical Storage Cabinet

Chemical Storage Cabinet

Free up space in your workshop by safely storing your dangerous goods, including chemicals, corrosives and flammables, outside in a secure, lockable Chemical Storage Cabinet.
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