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40ft Shipping Container 40ft Shipping Container

40ft Shipping Container

40ft Shipping Container

If you’ve got loads to store, or a large site to manage, our 40ft Shipping Container could be for you. It’s got twice the capacity of our 20ft container – making it the ideal choice for large-scale projects with large-scale needs.

Key Features

  • Wind-proof and watertight
  • Keeps out pests and vermin
  • Wooden floors
  • User-friendly lockbox system
  • Goods are easily secured with floor and ceiling lashing points
  • Measures approx. 12.2m L x 2.5m W x 2.6m H

All about the 40ft Shipping Container

At a little over 12m long, the 40ft container is ideal for bigger spaces. They generally won’t fit on residential blocks, unless your driveway is especially spacious.

Like our 20ft containers, our 40ft model is built using weathering carbon steel. It’s watertight and wind-resistant. Designed to keep goods safely locked in, and pests or unwanted visitors securely locked out.

Need even more space?

We also offer a 40ft High Cube, with an extra foot in the ceiling for even more storage room.

What can you use your 40ft Shipping Container for?

Conveniently high-capacity, you can use a 40ft container for more than your average storage.

  • Turn it into a site shed
  • Customise it into a workshop
  • Store machinery
  • Keep equipment or parts
  • Make it a site office
  • Use it as accommodation
  • And so much more.

Customise your 40ft Container

Make your 40ft shipping container your own with these tailored options.

  • Install an extra-secure lock box
  • Switch from wooden to steel flooring
  • Add a GPS tracking system
  • Choose the High Cube option for more height and capacity
  • Get transport/shipping certifications
  • Choose from new or used and a range of container grades
  • Add shelving, power, lighting, and more
  • Talk to our team about any other modification needs.

Looking for 40ft Shipping Container for sale?

Check out our range of new and used shipping containers for sale. With a variety of grades to choose from, you can find the right solution to fit your needs – and your budget. 

Need 40ft Shipping Containers for hire?

If you only need a short-term solution (or you’re on a tight budget) we offer our newest units for hire with a 31-day minimum term. Plus, as an operating expense, shipping container hire can be tax-deductible. So you get a high quality product, with competitively low costs.

40ft Shipping Container Dimensions and Weight

General Purpose 40ft Shipping Container

We offer two 40ft container sizes; General Purpose and High Cube (which is 1ft/30cm taller). See below for detailed specs of each option. Just note that individual specifications may vary.

Cubic capacity: 67.5m3.

Length (mm) 12,032
Width (mm) 2,352
Height (mm) 2,393
Length (mm) 12,192
Width (mm) 2,438
Height (mm) 2,591
Tare (kg) 3,490
Payload (kg) 26,990
MGW (kg) 30,480

High Cube 40ftShipping Container

Cubic capacity: 76m3.

Length (mm) 12,032
Width (mm) 2,350
Height (mm) 2,695
Length (mm) 12,192
Width (mm) 2,438
Height (mm) 2,896
Tare (kg) 4,670
Payload (kg) 29,330
MGW (kg) 34,000

40ft Shipping Container - General Purpose

How is this container delivered?

We take the hard work out of shipping container delivery

We deliver shipping containers all across New Zealand. When requesting a quote, just let our team know if truck access could be difficult, and note down any potential obstructions – like trees or power lines. On the day, make sure the access-way is clear, and that all pets and kids are safely out of the way. Then we’ll take care of the rest, with one of three delivery options.

SCF Shipping Containers - Delivery Method - Side Loader

Side Loader

Side loaders are used to transport our 20 foot and 40 foot shipping containers. This is the best delivery method for containers at sites that have limited space either in front or behind the area where the container is to be positioned. The container is unloaded between the two outrigger feet of the side loader, approximately half a metre from the side of the truck.

SCF Shipping Containers - Delivery Method - Hiab Crane

Hiab Crane

Hiab cranes lift containers from a mechanism located behind the truck's cabin. This is used when there is limited space for a side loader or tilt tray. Using a crane means the container is easily positioned at an angle or up on a raised area. It can also be used to place containers over a fence or other obstacles.

SCF Containers - Container Solutions

SCF Containers has been engineering and building containers for the Australian market for over 25 years.

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