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Shipping Containers Christchurch Shipping Containers Christchurch

Shipping Containers Christchurch

Shipping Containers Christchurch

738 Halswell Junction Road,
Christchurch 8042, New Zealand

Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm

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SCF’s Christchurch Shipping Container Depot

SCF Christchurch is on Halswell Junction Road, in a thriving industrial part of the city. Just off SH 1, we’re conveniently close to key arterial roads, and we can carry up to about 100 containers. To come and check them out, pay the friendly team a visit.

Shipping Container Hire

Access the newest units in our fleet, with affordable Christchurch shipping container hire.

Shipping Containers for Sale

Purchase a shipping container for keeps, with a wide range of new and used units to choose from.


We do repairs and maintenance on our fleet, so you can count on your SCF container’s quality.


We’ve got the on-site specialists it takes to make almost any shipping container idea a reality.

Our Christchurch shipping container range

SCF Christchurch offers a wide scope of shipping container types and sizes. Our stock is always evolving, and we can access an even broader range through our friends up at SCF Auckland. So if you can’t find what you’re looking for, just reach out to the team. 

Our range includes solutions like…

Shipping Containers for Sale in Christchurch

From the inner city, to the suburbs, to the outskirts and the regions. Once you start looking, you’ll find shipping containers just about everywhere. And plenty of them will have come from SCF. 

SCF Christchurch offers new and used shipping containers for sale, with numerous options for size, variant, and grade. When you buy a container, you can modify it any way you choose. Paint it, sign-write it, or turn it into a container home. Make it your own, when you buy a shipping container through SCF Christchurch.

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Shipping Containers for Hire in Christchurch

Christchurch is one of New Zealand’s fastest growing cities, and SCF Christchurch has the containers needed to cater for it. For short-term construction projects, furniture removal, storing stock over busy retail periods, and more, shipping container hire is a great option. 

SCF hires out our fleet’s newest units at a competitive daily rate. Our terms are affordable and flexible, starting at just 31 days. Through our extensive network, SCF has access to one of the biggest ranges in the country. So if you need shipping container hire in Christchurch – or anywhere else in New Zealand – talk to SCF.

Hire a Shipping Container

Our Team

SCF’s Christchurch crew is a tight-knit team, who run a tight ship. We cover every part of the hiring, purchasing, and modification process. Our skills run deep into the shipping container industry. And if we need any extra experts – like electricians, plumbers, or sign-writers – we’ll ring them in, and manage every moving part on our clients’ behalf.