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Shipping Containers Dunedin Shipping Containers Dunedin

Shipping Containers Dunedin

Shipping Containers Dunedin

10 Donald Street,
Dunedin 9011, New Zealand

Monday - Friday: 8:30am - 5:00pm

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SCF’s Dunedin Shipping Container Depot

SCF Dunedin is our newest depot. Its reach spans across Otago and Southland, with a network of satellite depots based in places like Invercargill, Oamaru, and Blenheim. 

Explore Our Dunedin Depot

The Dunedin depot offers a select collection of shipping containers for hire and purchase. The local team knows the area inside and out. They’re familiar with Southland’s unique climate, and can navigate delivery to the trickiest sites, in the harshest conditions.

SCF Dunedin can hold as many as 70 containers on-site. Between the depot, its satellite network, SCF Christchurch and SCF Auckland, the Dunedin team has the connections and capabilities to solve any shipping container challenge that comes its way.

Dunedin Depot Services

Shipping Container Hire

Access the newest units in our fleet, with affordable Dunedin shipping container hire.

Shipping Containers for Sale

Purchase a shipping container for keeps, with a wide range of new and used units to choose from.

Shipping Container Maintenance

We do repairs and maintenance on our fleet, so you can count on your SCF container’s quality.

Container Customisations

Through our SCF Auckland and Christchurch connections, we can arrange any modifications you need.

A Closer Look at SCF's Container Offerings

SCF Dunedin carries a selection of high-quality, fit-for-purpose shipping containers. Drop in to see what’s on offer. If you can’t find the container you’re looking for, let us know, and we can source it through our network.

Our range includes solutions like…

Shipping Containers for Sale in Dunedin

There are plenty of benefits to buying a container, rather than hiring. For very long-term or permanent solutions, it can be more cost-effective. It also means you can make any modifications you like, however big or small. 

Whatever your reasons for purchasing a container, SCF Dunedin is here to help. Our containers are built from hard-wearing materials, made to handle the wind, rain, and snow of mid-winter Southland. Choose from our range of new and used shipping containers for sale. Or if you need something more bespoke, let us know, and we can find the solution.

Buy a Shipping Container

Shipping Containers for Hire in Dunedin

If you only need a shipping container for the short-term, hiring is a smart choice. It’s ideal for furniture or equipment storage, fluctuating stock, or hard-and-fast construction projects. We can deliver your hired unit in a matter of days, to just about anywhere. Rain or shine, high or low country.

We offer hire at a daily rate, with 31-day terms. When you hire with SCF, you get access to our newest high-quality units – so you know you’re getting the best. For South Island shipping container hire, talk to us today.

Hire A Shipping Container

Our Team 

SCF Dunedin is a small team, with a big network behind it. Our on-the-ground team expertly manages the hiring and sales process. Our connection with the local community means we know our area through and through. And our connection with SCF Auckland and Christchurch means we have the resources to solve any container challenge, whatever the size or scope.