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SCF Container Solutions - 20ft Shipping Container

20ft Shipping Container

Meet the most popular storage solution on the block; the 20ft Shipping Container. It’s strong, safe, and secure. And it’s simple to transport just about anywhere – from the tip of the North Island, right down to the deep South.
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SCF Container Solutions - 20ft Cool Room Container

20ft Cool Room Container

SCF’s 20ft Cool Room shipping container delivers superior temperature control for short and long-term storage. Intelligent insulation design provides optimum refrigeration properties to reduce machinery run time, electricity use and costs.
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SCF Container Solutions - 20ft Dangerous Goods Single Side Door

20ft Dangerous Goods Single Side Door

SCF’s 20ft Dangerous Goods Single Side Door Container has all the same purpose-designed features as the rest of our dangerous goods range. It’s solid, secure, well-ventilated, and equipped with an emergency escape. Even better, it fully opens up on one side.
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SCF Container Solutions - 20ft Lunch Room

20ft Lunch Room

Give your team a space to refuel, recharge, and reheat their leftovers, with SCF’s 20ft Lunchroom. This clever container solution is fitted out with all the kitchen basics your team needs to enjoy a well-earned break.
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SCF Container Solutions - 20ft Side Opening Shipping Container

20ft Side Opening Shipping Container

Our standard 20ft Shipping Container is already highly flexible. But the Side Opening variant brings the versatility to a whole other level.
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SCF Container Solutions - Chemical Storage Cabinet

Chemical Storage Cabinet

Free up space in your workshop by safely storing your dangerous goods, including chemicals, corrosives and flammables, outside in a secure, lockable Chemical Storage Cabinet.
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SCF Container Solutions - 10ft Dangerous Goods Container

10ft Dangerous Goods Container

Dangerous goods storage is an all-important part of any workplace’s health and safety plan. Make sure you get it right, with SCF’s 10ft Dangerous Goods Container.
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SCF Container Solutions - 20ft Site Office

20ft Site Office

Every well-run project needs a dedicated space to keep things humming. Our 20ft Site Offices are the perfect solution. Well-insulated, temperature-controlled, and rigged up with lighting and power, they have all the makings of a modern office space. Work with us to customise your container into the site office of your team’s dreams.
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SCF has successfully serviced customers both big and small, for over 30 years. 

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SCF has built high quality containers for over 30 years. We also have a qualified team to maintain them, so they last.
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We take our customers seriously, who are serviced by local, highly attentive customer service teams.

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